The college library is situated in the main building. Library has independent and well furnished reading room for boys and girls separately. Fifty students can sit at time.

The college library always spend large amount on purchasing of library books, journals and other reading materials.

The college library has a wide collection as under :

3Audio Cassette16
5Bounds Vols.50
8News paper (Eng. Mar. & Hindi)12

Our college library is computerized and well equipped

The membership of the library is open to members of the college Authorities, Heads and teachers of the department, Non-teaching employees of the college, student of the college. For ex-students and Bhadrawati’s citizen reading materials are available only for reading room.

Books and other publications which are not available in the library may be procured by the librarian on loan from other libraries or Institutions for the benefit of the members.

Principal's Message

“ Vivekanand Mahavidyalaya” was established in 1st August 1989 at Bhadrawati, Distt. Chandrapur run by “Vivekanand Dyanpeth Convent warora” , a well known trust founded for progress of the society.

Bhadrawati is a small historical place but it is backward in educational history. The chairman of the trust Adv. M.V. Temurde opened the doors of higher education for the welfare of the students in rural area.

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About College

Vivekanand Mahavidyalaya, Bhadrawati , Distt Chandrapur, is run by Vivekanand Gnyanpeeth (convent) Warora. It is established in 1 Aug. 1989 it was the one college in those day at Bhadrawati on Junior and Senior Level.

Now B.A, B.COM, & other professional courses like B.B.A., B.C.A., M.C.M., P.G.D.C.C.A. are going on UG & PG level.

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