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M.A. History

MA History or Master of Arts in History is a postgraduate TWO years long course. The course is divided into four semesters, which has been among the top choices of students pursuing the arts stream. With a blend of all the aspects of History in a society, MA in History is a programme that gives students a deep insight. MA History focuses on various topics of History.

F. Y.M.A. (Sem I)

Subject (Courses)

  • Historiography
  • India Under Company's Rule 1757-1856
  • Indian National Movements 1905-1947
  • Modern World 1914-1950

F. Y.M.A. (Sem II)

Subject (Courses)

    Trends and Theories of History
  • Indian Under British Rule 1857-1905
  • Independent India 1947-2000
  • Contemporary World 1950-2000

F. Y.M.A. (Sem III)

Subject (Courses)

  • Emergence of Maratha Power In 17th Century
  • State in Ancient Medieval India
  • Economic History of India 1757-1857
  • History of Medieval Vidarbha

F. Y.M.A. (Sem IV)

Subject (Courses)

  • Expansion of Maratha Power : 1707-1818
  • State in British India
  • Economic History of India 1858-1947
  • History of Modern Vidarbha